June 4, 2010

Cole and Goose

We went to Show Low for Memorial Day Weekend and had a nice relaxing trip. We didn't do much of anything but I prefer it that way. Cole wasn't quite sure about the goose...and either was I. I didn't like it to get too close. It was a pesky little creature. Cole wouldn't put his toes in the grass so he was stuck there until someone moved him. He is the cutest little guy I know.


Tamra and Jim said...

He is the cutest 8 month old i know, too. precious

Liz said...

I've said it before but he is just so CUTE actually he's pretty/beautiful. Love his hair, cheeks and eyes. Such an adorable little guy can't wait to see what he looks like when he grow up he's going to be a lady killer for sure! Crystal was the same way about her feet touching the grass--brings back memories.