May 28, 2010

Been having "one" (actually several weeks now) of those moments where you just miss your new born and everything about them. Its not that I don't enjoy everything about him now but I do wish he'd let me rock him again and just let me sing. Now its almost like he cringes when I sing and arches his back, kicks his legs and swings his arm when I try to rock him. Little toot.

Now he's 8 months old and growing too fast. Oh how I would deliver him all over again to have that first mother moment all over again. Yes he has made being a mother pretty spectacular but its still hard not to miss my teeny tiny baby. I love this little boy so much. More than anyone else.

Now he fights me when I comb his faux hawk so it doesn't get combed.
Army crawls and that just started this week.
Pulls my hair till his little hand gets slapped. Its only cute for so long.
Has a book that makes noises when you turn the pages so he lays on the floor with the book and just opens and closes it really fast. Gets old but its funny.
Gets himself trapped in any crook and cranny in our house.
Hits his head on everything possible.
Won't lay still for a diaper change.
Loves to bounce still.
Trying to figure out how to put little things in his mouth still.
Eats like a you can tell when you try to pick him up.
Gets food under his double chin.
Gets excited over his bottle.
His naked buns are ticklish.
Has an Elmer Fud laugh not a giggle at all.
Has 2 more teeth making a grand total of 4 with 2 more trying to come through. Never hardly made a fuss over it either. (I like to brag about it)
Says da da da da like crazy but has only said mama once.
Loves stroller rides too bad it got too hot.
He watches everyone's EVERY move especially if I'm trying to feed him vegetables!

Oh how I just love to kiss and squeeze on him. Who wouldn't?


Tamra and Jim said...

Oh goodness, what a sweetie. I know you miss that baby stage, but enjoy every moment you get. Things change every single day!

Eldredge Family said...

He is so adorable! Hey Danica...that is why I have 6 kids! LOL! I love babies and everything about them! They are so much fun and hard work! Give him hugs and loves for me! Such a handsome little fella!

The Lewis Lovebirds! said... so cute! that last picture needs blown up and put on huge signs on the freeway to make everyone smile. i love it.